Plant Sales

A display of plants at a local plant sale which Cherry Taylor set up and ran and provided many perennials and vegetable plants for

Cherry loves raising plants from her garden and selling them to good homes.  She also like to sell exciting varieties of young vegetables and flowers.

In 2024, Cherry is hosting several plant sales from the garden.  The next one is during he National Garden Scheme open days on May 25 / 26, 2-5pm.



-Tomatoes (29 heritage varieties)
-Cucumbers (5 types, indoor and outdoor, including all female ones)
-Courgettes (7 varieties, all colours and shapes)
-Squash (9 varieties! big and small fruits)
-Melons (all sorts!)
-Dwarf French beans (5 types, all colours)
-Runner beans
-Broccoli (calabrese - different types).

-Dahlias (Bishops children)
-Cosmos (lovely ones!)
-Marigolds (tall and short types)
-Orlaya Grandiflora
-Lavatera ‘new dawn’
-Bearded Iris (yellow)
-Potentilla (orange, red and cerise pink)
-Euphorbia (various types)
- and other perennials (babies are 'rescued' all year round and potted up!)

-Sweet Cisely

Plus some shrubs and fruits bushes.

If you can’t make this weekend, contact Cherry to make an arrangement to visit and buy (only between Thursday to Saturdays by arrangement)

Old Llangattock Farm, NP25 5NG is a 10 minute drive from Monmouth.

The garden open for viewing (Thursday to Saturday by arrangement) - £5 pp!


"It was such a treat not to have the generic garden-centre things - a real choice." Ann

"The garden is amazing!" Sue

"Thank you! Had a wonderful day." Magda