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Cherry Taylor runs a gardening business located just outside Monmouth, South Wales, United Kingdom. She specialises in NO DIG gardening with vegetables and flowers, running courses, workshops, offering talks and tours, as well as running a market garden from the 1.5 acre site. 

"Your garden is gorgeous, dense, horticulturally rich, but with a sense of dynamic naturalism" an ngs visitor


Drone photo of Cherry's no dig vegetable plot


How you go about starting a no dig garden very much depends on your particular garden situation and circumstances.  Do you add cardboard, what weeds do you have, what's your soil type?  Cherry has been growing with no dig methods since 2015 across multiple sites and has experience of lots of different ways of creating a productive flower or veg patch.

Cherry giving a workshop for Monmouthshire county council

Workshops and Courses

The garden hosted its first no dig workshop in 2017 when Charles Dowding visited and ran a course on no dig - he commented about what a good classroom it made, with so many varied techniques and methods used around the garden.  Since then, Cherry has run various gardening courses from Old Llangattock Farm, with many more planned for the future.

Cherry giving a talk on no dig to a gardening club


Cherry has been giving talks about the evolution of her no dig veg and flower garden in Monmouthshire for many years.  She also speaks on other related gardening subjects.


Cherry opens the garden for private groups, hosts plant sales, works with schools, runs a market garden and hosts a shepherds hut in the grounds.  She will occasional undertake veg-growing gardening jobs too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is no dig gardening?

No Dig gardening is all about protecting and nurturing the soil life.  It is the biology (i.e. the worms, centipedes, beetles, nematodes, bacteria and fungi etc) that interacts with plant roots and makes plants thrive.  If your soil biology suffers, so do your plants.  Look after the soil biology, nurture it, and watch your plants flourish.

How long does it take to see results with no dig gardening?

The creation of a no dig garden can be extremely rapid.  A 2x1m bed could be created and planted up in as little as 10-15 minutes if all the resources you need are to hand.  Plants thrive and harvests soon start to trickle in as the season progresses.  However, plant growth will improve as time goes by and the soil biology gradually starts to benefit from the lack of disturbance and food it receives (i.e. compost / plant roots). 

Do you provide ongoing maintenance for no dig gardens?

Yes, but Cherry prefers to help you learn to nurture your own no dig garden, so she runs lots of workshops and courses, and also provide one:one consultancy to help people learn how to become excellent growers themselves.

“All my veg is doing well.  Eating mangetout, sugar snaps, board beans, spinach (second sowing), and the best carrots I've ever grown - thanks to Cherry!xx”

— Pauline

“We had our first broccoli head, broad beans & mangetouts yesterday: all delicious!”

— Victoria

“Knowing that gardening is good for the mind is not the same as actually FEELING it. I’m so in love with my garden now! THANK YOU x”

— Daisy

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Cherry's No Dig Garden
Llangattock Vibon Avel, Monmouth, South Wales, NP25 5NG, United Kingdom

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