No Dig Consultancy

One to One

Aerial photo of Cherry's house and the kitchen garden and seating terrace, plus the house

If you say 'no dig' to most people, they will automatically think of 'cardboard and compost', and indeed, these can be two elements used in no dig, but there are lots of other techniques in the NO DIG tool box and what is right for your patch might not be so straight forward.

Sometimes you just need someone with lots of relevant experience to come and look at the specifics of YOUR garden to help you get going with no dig.  Cherry will travel up to an hour (from NP25 5NG) to visit your garden and advise on how you should go about creating a no dig veg garden or new no dig flower beds.  For this, Cherry charges by the hour @£60 (plus a half rate for travel time + mileage if you live more than half an hour from NP25 5NG).

Mentoring Package

A mixture of stunning beautiful mature kale plants taken in September

Feel like you might need more than a quick one-off visit?  Cherry offers a one to one mentoring package where she will visit your garden 3 times over a six to nine month period to take you through establishing a no dig veg garden, step by step, and get you growing amazing veg in the first year.  Cherry will travel up to an hour (from NP25 5NG) to visit your garden and provide support inbetween visits with remote contact (up to 2 hours worth).  Get in touch to find out more and the associated costs.