Learn: Organic Pest Control

A hoverfly on a cucumber plant in the polytunnel

One of the absolute joys of growing your own food is knowing exactly how it has been produced and what chemicals, if any, have been used.  But how do you make sure it isn't completely devoured by slugs, caterpillars, birds, voles and the miriad of other creatures who enjoy your veg as much as you?

During 2024, Cherry will run a workshop on garden 'pest' control, limited to 15 people, from her 1.5 acre no dig garden just 4 miles outside of Monmouth.

Cherry will share with participants the many ways there are to achieve the aim of producing healthy nutritious food whilst not harming wildlife - and indeed - boosting it.  Solutions will focus on both short term wins and building longer term stability in the ecosystem, and not just in the veg patch, but in the whole garden.  There will definitely be some surprises, and it will really help those who want to to give the wildlife in their garden a boost, whilst maximising crop production.

The day will start with a talk, and then move to the garden to learn about the wide variety of techniques that are in play in Cherry's garden.

This in person event will run from 10am to 4pm.  It will be hands-on with lots of fresh air. Tea will be provided on arrival and at the end of the day, but please bring a packed lunch with you and a flask, as the price does not include lunch or any other refreshments.


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