Gardening Workshops

Cherry's no dig garden is a great place to come to learn about no dig, veg growing and wildlife gardening.  The prices are low to encourage more people to get growing their own food... which is a passion of Cherry's.

The remianing courses during 2024 are: 

“It has been an amazing experience and Cherry thank you so much for the enormous effort you put into the course to make it so rewarding to be part of and for it to work so well! Awesome!  Instead of being overwhelmed by issues, I am now putting the spotlight on them, considering them and looking for workable solutions.”

— Annie

“I had randomly grown some veg for the first time the previous year using old knowledge picked up from Grandad in childhood. But I didn’t know anything about cold-frames, fleece, multi-sowing or basically anything no-dig. I’m going to carry on doing ALL the things I learned... Cherry, you have to keep on doing this course! The format works so well and makes it so accessible! I’m recommending it to everyone!!”

— Daisy

“The course has been so fantastic, informative, uplifting and supportive xxx”

— Hannah

The way Cherry has run the course has been tremendous.

— Kay